Combination of experience and passion

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Maglificio Antonella is a well-known italian manufacturer of knitting underwear and fashion. Founded in 1960 by Renato Giusti in San Gregorio di Veronella, today it is leader in the wholesales sector with its own brands Antonella and Club88.

Maglificio Antonella has internal weaving factory in order to satisfy its customers and all the market’s needs rapidly.

The Design staff is constantly focused on new ideas and proposals. Each single article is the result of a precise and accurate study of the fabrics and the choice of original, high quality accessories to develop either Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter elegant collections.

The Cut is highly automatic and it works with all kind of fabric and also for seamless articles.

The average annual Production of Maglificio ANTONELLA SpA is 1 million items. The internal staff is composed of 20 people meanwhile the external staff reaches about 100 employees. In fact the production sites are either in Italy and in other European countries.

Maglificio Antonella is:

  • Experience in the production of underwear knitting and fashion clothing.

  • Fastness in the delivery of classic articles, which are always available throughout the year.

  • Fashion collections that combine excellent comfort and detailed accessories for trendy clothing.



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